2cassettes Release Party

at Forestlimit

2019.6.22 Sat.  18:00start


Endurance(Muzan Editions)

Enantiomorphs [adak7+dew]

Light :

Hitoshi Sato



アンビエント / エレクトロニカ / テクノの境界線上に登場した期待の実験的作家yolabmi。フィールドレコーディング素材の控えめな使用とクリアでいてあやふやな像を結ぶエレクトロニクスのバグった交わりが特徴の彼の音楽は、聴く者を無意識という広大な自然へと分け入らせる優秀で危険なガイド。今後の更なる注目は確実の逸材。

- Dr. Nishimura (悪魔の沼 / Lighthouse Records)



yolabmi, a member of FLATTOP, will hold a release party at Forest Limit, celebrating his first ever solo works “dear” and “To Nocturnal Fellows”.

Two works that will be released in a form of cassette tape, are each themed on the “past” and the “ahead”. They are contributed to his fellows he has met through music, and to friends he will see in the future.

As a smell triggers memories, we remember things from a sound sometimes. “Dear”, released from Madriguera, is a landscape of himself resurging, and it is to mourn his own ghost.
Shredded, reverse-played and reconstructed sounds were for the days loved and will never come back. He never stopped recording while he was at the hallway of his natal home which had been planned to be taken down, or even at the hospital room where his dying grandmother laid on his side. He gobbled them all, almost every night in his bedroom corner, and then threw up. He ruminated literally, everyday. He might have been seeking for someone he could share himself, somewhere in his mind.
And after finishing “dear”, he felt his soul being cleansed and purified, even if it was only slight.

“To Nocturnal Fellows”, released from Perfect Aesthetics, is a greeting and gratitude to the ones he could meet in the life after, and to friends he is yet to see. The ghost in the past, was beginning to find lights on the dim seaside. The sort of magical act of recalling that was done there over and over, was gradually but surely turning towards the future. As the subtitle of the tape, “maybe we are not alone”, says, maybe his soul is no longer by himself.

We hope this party becomes the opportunity to see our new fellows.



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